How Often Should Couples Have Sex in a Week

How much sex can make a person happy? Is there any number of days or time in a week that a couple should have sex for them to be perfectly happy? Even though some studies reveal that sex contributes only a quarter of the couple’s happiness, some studies still reveal the many benefits of sex in a relationship. Sex strengthens a relationship and increases the bond between a couple.

If you are an older couple or you’ve been in a relationship for long, daily sex might seem to be unimportant for you. And daily sex may not seem right for busy people, because they spend most of their time at work and less or no time with their couples. Tracey, a sex expert, says that many couples only find once a week to have sex. Many young or adults who are just starting their relationship enjoy daily sex. Three US scholars found out that sex for three to four days is enough to bring happiness and build trust between the couples. But if you happen to feel that daily sex can make you even happier, then you should definitely try it.

According to another captivating research, it was found that sex at least once a week can also keep the passion and the love between a couple glowing. This research revealed that daily sex is not necessary for bringing happiness between couples, it suggested a once week sex and termed the daily sex as an exaggeration. This finding also stated that it is very important to maintain the intimacy between you and your partner, but you do not necessarily need to have sex on a daily basis, so long as you maintain the connection between the two of you. Muise stated that some people do think that money and a lot of sex lead to happiness are only true up to a certain point.

This does not mean that people should not engage in more sex or less sex, it only suggests that couples should engage in a serious talk between themselves and find out whether their sexual needs and desires are being met or not. Muise also added that it is very important to maintain that intimate connection between couples without pressuring each other with a lot of sex. This research also noted that those couples that had sex four or more than four times a week were not any happier than those who had once a week.

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